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Cambridge FCE – B2 First

Students Taking Exams

The Cambridge FCE – B2 First course is for upper-intermediate students who wish to take the B2 First exam or for those who want a more intensive alternative to General English.

In the Cambridge FCE – B2 First course, students will:

  • Focus on exam tasks and strategies to successfully take the Cambridge B2 First exam

  • Widen vocabulary and grammatical knowledge at the CEFR B2 level

  • Improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skills

  • Understand how to make sounds and improve pronunciation

  • Study complex themes, enabling confident communication in an English-speaking environment

Each week, students will cover different parts of the four exam sections, providing opportunities for students to learn, make errors, receive feedback and engage in authentic, functional and practical lessons.

Cambridge FCE – B2 First – CRICOS Course Code: 0100813


Upper Intermediate

Starting Dates

Every Monday + Set Intakes (see below)

Hours Per Week

20 hours per week + 5 Self-study lessons an homework

Enrolment Fee



4 – 12 weeks (Level completion approximately 12 weeks)

Material Fee

$10 a week ($70 Minimum)

Tuition Fee

$400 per week


*Please note that these fees can change at any time throughout the year.

Current Timetables 

  • Morning Classes                   Monday to Thursday 8.30AM – 2.15PM

  • Evening Classes                    Monday to Friday 5.00PM – 9.15PM

Intake Dates

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