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Cambridge CAE – C1 Advanced

Image by Annie Spratt

The purpose of the Cambridge CAE – C1 Advanced course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge that are necessary for taking the Cambridge C1 Advanced exam.

In the Cambridge CAE – C1 Advanced course, students will:

  • Master the C1 Advanced test format and the requirements for each section of the exam

  • Study complex grammatical structures

  • Increase advanced vocabulary on a selection of relevant topics

  • Improve pronunciation features

  • Practice reading, writing, listening and speaking

  • Study techniques to succeed in the Reading & Use of English, Listening, Writing and Speaking sections of the exam

  • Learn functional language for everyday living in Australia

The course provides opportunities for students to learn, make errors, receive feedback and engage in authentic, functional and practical lessons.

Cambridge CAE – C1 Advanced – CRICOS Course Code: 0100814



Starting Dates

Every Monday + Set Intakes (see below)

Hours Per Week

20 hours per week + 5 Self-study lessons an homework

Enrolment Fee



4 – 12 weeks (Level completion approximately 12 weeks)

Material Fee

$10 a week ($70 Minimum)

Tuition Fee

$400 per week


*Please note that these fees can change at any time throughout the year.

Current Timetables 

  • Morning Classes                   Monday to Thursday 8.30AM – 2.15PM

  • Evening Classes                    Monday to Friday 5.00PM – 9.15PM

Intake Dates

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