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Universal English


Why Universal English?

Universal English is an excellent place to improve your confidence, speaking ability, and overall understanding of English. Our teachers are fantastic and we have amazing technology integrated into our classrooms and facilities. You can make international friends which will last a lot longer than your course at Universal English. What are you waiting for? 

Vision & Values

  • Be Kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun

Teaching Team

Our teachers love the English language and are very passionate in the classroom. All teachers are highly experienced, qualified with university degrees, many with Master’s Degrees in teaching.


We understand how to study a second language as we have all studied a second language before and have worked overseas teaching English. We have regular Professional Development sessions as our teachers love to learn new methods to increase student learning.

Student Teacher Coaching

This special feature is exclusive to Universal English! Every 6 weeks, every single student has a private one-on-one coaching session with their teacher where they discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses and how to improve their English. The student sets goals which they focus on for the next 6 weeks. This private coaching session really helps students understand how to improve because it focuses on every student's individual needs.


Teaching Style

Our lessons are enjoyable, fun and dynamic. We are very fussy on what kind of teachers we employ and make sure all teachers are friendly, caring and genuinely interested in their student’s learning.  All teachers take their students out on excursions and day trips, which are part of the student’s learning experience to ensure students are exposed to genuine and authentic English.

Social Activities

Students love social activities we have many to offer at Universal English. Every year we arrange student tours to football games, Formula One Grand Prix, cricket matches, Australian Open Tennis, snow trips and many other activities.


Unique to  our College is also “Active English Week”. We run this in the middle of the year and the last week of school where students improve their speaking ability and confidence building skills outside the classroom. We have singing competitions, cooking shows, drama and acting lessons, dancing and even yoga classes. All of our students rave about this week. You have to experience Active English Week for yourself. Only at Universal English!


Nationality Mix

Students from around the world choose to improve their English with us. Last year,  we had students from over 62 countries. Our rich nationality mix assists students not only improve their English, but also understand foreign culture, customs, and ways of thinking. Students make friends from all around the world and these friendships last a lifetime.


Universal English is an accredited college by the Australian government and can host international students on student visas. We are also a member of NEAS, which only accredits quality English colleges in Australia. We focus on providing high quality education to always ensure our students come first.

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