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Active Conversation In English (ACE)

Image by Helena Lopes

This course focuses on building your confidence in speaking about any topic. Teachers use role plays, acting and singing activities, oral presentations, pronunciation and group work activities to help students achieve their full potential. Guest speakers are often invited and students project manage fundraising activities to boost their ability to communicate. Our ACE students are our shining stars.

In the Active Conversation in English course students:

  • Perform in role plays and learn the importance of body language

  • Improve their speaking skills with specialized pronunciation lessons

  • Prepare for and deliver powerful and convincing oral presentations

  • Improve their fluency using new vocabulary on different topics

  • Plan and organize special events with peers

  • Listen to inspirational TED Talks and discuss/debate in groups

  • Improve voice control and intonation with singing

All students are tested by the English Management team on their first day and each student is informed of their current English level. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are discussed and then placed in the ideal class for student’s learning. The class teacher also receives a copy of the student’s English test and is advised of student’s strengths and weaknesses, background, goals and is well prepared for the student’s first lesson.

Active Conversation in English (ACE) – CRICOS Course Code: 099478K


Intermediate to Upper Intermediate (2 Levels)

Starting Dates

Every Monday

Hours Per Week

20 hours per week + 5 Self-study lessons an homework

Enrolment Fee



4 – 12 weeks (Level completion approximately 12 weeks)

Material Fee

$10 a week ($70 Minimum)

Tuition Fee

$400 per week


*Please note that these fees can change at any time throughout the year.

Current Timetables 

  • Morning Classes                   Monday to Thursday 8.30AM – 2.15PM

Sample Timetables 

*The above timetable is only a sample for 1 week and will change depending on your English level

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