English For Academic Purposes (EAP)/IELTS Exam Preparation


The EAP/IELTS Exam Preparation course focuses on academic skills which are required for tertiary studies at colleges and universities. The main focus is to get you ready for next course or exam. Student’s ability to take tests and use English quickly increases dramatically as they sit at Practice IELTS tests every Wednesday and receive individual feedback.

In the EAP/IELTS Exam Preparation course, students will:

  • Acquire and improve the art of essay and paragraph writing
  • Learn correct pronunciation and improve their ability to speak clearly and fluently
  • Study new vocabulary through different topics and genres
  • Listen to radio broadcasts and lectures and take notes
  • Prepare and give oral presentations (individually and in groups)
  • Improve their ability to read and write with strict time limits
  • Visit libraries and conduct research
  • Learn correct grammar usage through functional writing

All students are tested by the English Management team on their first day and each student is informed of their current English level. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are discussed and then placed in the ideal class for student’s learning. The class teacher also receives a copy of the student’s English test and is advised of student’s strengths and weaknesses, background, goals and is well prepared for the student’s first lesson.

EAP/IELTS Exam preparation – CRICOS Course Code: 099479J


Levels Intermediate to Advanced (3 Levels)
Duration 4 – 36 weeks (Level completion approximately 12 weeks)
Starting Dates Every Monday
Hours Per Week 20 hours per week + 5 Self-study lessons an homework
Enrolment Fee $250
Material Fee $10 a week ($60 Minimum)
Tuition Fee $400 per week

*Please note that these fees can change at any time throughout the year.

Current EAP/IELTS Exam preparation Timetables are:

Morning Classes          Monday to Thursday 8.30AM – 2.15PM

Evening Classes           Monday to Friday 5.00PM – 9.15PM

⦁ Contact Universal English to confirm which levels are available in the morning and evening

Sample Timetable*

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lesson 1 Lead-in to topic:Location is everything
Key Language: The Passive
Focus on Speaking: Exam Part 3 Urban problems
Listening test Reading Test Writing Test or Speaking Test/Oral Presentations (All day)
Focus on Reading: Ident fying th topic Matching Sentence completion
Focus on Speaking: Exam Parts 1 and 2 Describing Places
Focus on Listening: Section 3
Labelling a Diagram
Completing a table
Short-answer questions
FREE day for travelling, working, exploring Melbourne
Break Time
Lesson 2 Lead-in to topic: Haves and have-nots
Key Language: Numerical expressions
Focus on Listening: Section 3
Labelling a Diagram
Completing a table
Short-answer questions
Focus on Reading: Blended Learning use of e-Learning authentic news websites
Break Time
Lesson 3 Focus on Writing: Exam Task 1 Interpreting and comparing data Practice test feedback Exam strategy review Academic Wordlist Sublist 1 Meanings of words Word families Collocations Library visit: Researching academic resources and paraphrasing activities

*The above timetable is only a sample for 1 week and will change depending on your English level

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