COVID-19 UPDATE: To keep all our students safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal English’s campus is closed until further notice. When face-to-face learning resumes, we look forward to inviting you back to our pristine CBD campus.

Our Barista department specialises in teaching not only the practical skills you need to be an excellent barista but also history of coffee, how to write a barista resume, Latte art, Australian customer service skills, tasting and learning different types of milk etc. All students work in our very own “Universal Cafe” and practice making coffees and serve staff and students. All students love the genuine experience they receive and feel job ready at the end of the course.

Our Barista Master Course is designed for students who want to be excellent and learn the A-Z of being a Barista. At the end of their course graduates have the confidence and experience to apply for a barista position. Students can also apply for the optional Café Internship at a local café for 3 weeks.

The timetable below is a sample for the Barista Master Course:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Week 1 Meet your new classmates and become a master of the espresso machine and grinder operation. Learn all the steps in making the perfect espresso to industry standards. Accelerated learning of steaming and texturing milk to perfection. Discover, learn and practice the “Melbourne Coffee’ drinks menu.
Week 2 Action packed class full of coffee making practice and skill development as well as a class trip to a selection of ‘Specialty Coffee’ cafes to discover true Melbourne coffee! Learn the amazing history of coffee from the ‘farm to the cup’. Introduction to coffee plants, varieties, types and roasting methods. Start your never ending Latte Art journey, as well as a fun
and informative knowledge check to track your progress.
Week 3 Pro tips and tricks for super efficient café workflow and customer service. Ready for your first job! Discover ‘Alternative Brewing’ methods ‘filter coffee’ class! As well as “Sensory Analysis” exercises to your test your taste buds and aroma skills! An amazing class trip to our coffee roastery to learn all about roasting beans and the coffee production process.
Week 4 Designing your eye-catching Barista resume, Job search and interview simulation. A fun Practical coffee ‘Skills Check’ to track your progress. Bringing all your skills together to make awesome coffee! Party Time!!!
It’s your Master Barista Graduation day

Click here (PDF) for Barista Master Course Info

Our Barista Essentials Course is designed for students who have less time and want to learn the fundamental skills and knowledge in only 2 days. Students will learn about the coffee menu, how to use an espresso machine, different types of milk etc. An optional “Latte Art” course is available on Day 3.

Click here (PDF) for Barista Essentials Course Info

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