Barista Essentials

COVID-19 UPDATE: To keep all our students safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal English’s campus is closed until further notice. When face-to-face learning resumes, we look forward to inviting you back to our pristine CBD campus.


Duration: 3 days 

Tuition Fee: $290

Delivery Mode: Face-to-face Course

About the Course

Fast track your coffee Barista skills with accelerated teaching methods. Our essentials course packs all the knowledge you need to get started as a barista over 2 days. This course combines both coffee theory and practice on our Nouva Simonelli machine for espresso, as well as an introduction to advanced alternative brew methods and an optional, dedicated Latte Art class on day 3.

The timetable below is a sample for the Barista Master Course:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

3.30pm – 6.30pm

-Discover bean types, blends, single origins and the history of coffee

-Learn to operate and adjust the grinder and espresso machine like a professional

-Learn industry standard espresso extraction techniques including brew ratios and trouble-shooting for perfect espresso every time

-Accelerated learning of steaming and texturing all milk types to perfection

-Discover, learn and practice the “Melbourne” coffee menu

-Your barista skills are taken to the next level with an essential introduction to Alternative brewing methods/ filter coffee

-Pro tips for real “Cafe workflow” efficiency and customer service

-Develop your barista resume and get assistance for job search and interview techniques

-Advanced development of your new milk skills to produce perfect “micro-foam” for latte art

-Learn the fundamental skills for “Free Pour” latte art and drinks presentation
Learn pro tips and trouble shoot to improve your latte art designs

-Learn the fundamental skills for “Etching” latte art, and make your own design

-Extensive latte art practice session guided by your trainer


4th Monday every month



Barista Essentials Course flyer:

Barista Essentials Course flyer




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