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COVID-19 UPDATE: To keep all our students safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal English’s campus is closed until further notice. When face-to-face learning resumes, we look forward to inviting you back to our pristine CBD campus and showing you all that Melbourne has to offer!

Students love social activities we have many to offer at Universal English. Every year we arrange student tours to football games, Formula One Grand Prix, cricket matches, Australian Open Tennis, snow trips and many other activities.  Unique to  our College is also “Active English Week”. We run this in the middle of the year and the last week of school where students improve their speaking ability and confidence building skills outside the classroom. We have singing competitions, cooking shows, drama and acting lessons, dancing and even yoga classes. All of our students rave about this week. You have to experience Active English Week for yourself. Only at Universal English!


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Universal English is a CRICOS accredited college by ASQA

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Best nationality mix, students from over 62 countries.